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Antes, Malta’s leading insurance broking company, recently hosted a delightful summer afternoon for its employees at Ta’ Guzeppi Farmhouse in Siggiewi. The event, organised by the company's Social Committee, provided a perfect opportunity for employees to relax, bond, and create lasting memories in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Amidst sunshine and laughter, Antes employees enjoyed friendly swimming competitions and games, fostering camaraderie and teamwork. A delectable spread of food and refreshing drinks tantalised taste buds throughout the day, with dinner served under the stars.

The Antes Social Committee, known for their engaging events, deserves accolades for orchestrating such an outstanding gathering. "We believe that a thriving workplace is not just about work, but also about fostering strong bonds and relationships among our employees. Events like these provide a much-needed break and an informal environment where our team members can unwind, connect, and celebrate each other's company," said Norbert Cordina Chief Officer (Operations) expressing the company's commitment to a healthy work-life balance.

Antes continues to prioritise employee well-being and happiness, fostering a positive and inclusive work culture through initiatives that enhance engagement and satisfaction.