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In order to extend your coverage in the event of Cancellation and Abandonment and/or Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses/Hospital Benefit with the Covid-19 Extension one must pay the additional premium for the Covid-19 Extension. The extension will apply to the specific trip per person.  Coverage will be subject to all other policy terms, exclusions and conditions. 

The additional premium and duty due to include the extension is as follows:
One Member


Premium €15.00 plus €2.33 duty
Two Members


Premium €30.00 plus €3.30 duty
Three Members


Premium €45.00 plus €4.95 duty
Four Members


Premium €60.00 plus €6.60 duty
Five Members


Premium €75.00 plus €8.25 duty
Six Members


Premium €90.00 plus €9.90 duty

How can I pay to extend the policy?

1. Paying via Normal Bank Transfer

Effect payment of the quoted amount by internet banking or bank transfer to our BOV account, and insert Card Holder's ID Card Number as a reference. 

Antes Insurance Brokers Ltd MT03VALL22013000000010208310029

2. Paying via BOV Internet Banking or APP

When effecting payment on your BOV Internet Banking or BOV App please use the following payment details:

Client Account Name: Your Name and Surname || Insurance Type: Covid || Your ID Card number:

In the event that you cannot pay by internet banking or bank transfer you may effect payment by other means but cheques are only accepted for amounts over €20.01c


BOV - Covid Extensions