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Antes recently hosted a private viewing of the "Sculptura" exhibition in collaboration with Art4MCCF. The exhibition, curated by the esteemed Melanie Erixon, took place at the esteemed Antoine De Paule Hall in San Anton Palace, where it showcased the captivating work of local sculptors and contemporary sculptures.

The private viewing event, held in June, welcomed esteemed clients and dedicated staff, providing them with a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the splendor of Sculptura. During the event, guests were immersed in a world of artistic excellence, as they admired a diverse range of sculptures crafted by talented artists from our Islands.

"Sculptura" not only celebrated the vibrant art scene on the Maltese Islands but also exemplified Antes' commitment to nurturing the local art community in their creative endeavours. As a staunch supporter of Art4MCCF's noble mission, Antes proudly sponsored this momentous occasion, reaffirming its dedication to fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and culturally vibrant society within the Maltese community.

This inspiring exhibition was more than a showcase of artistic talent—it also had a philanthropic aspect. Sculptura served as a platform to raise funds for The Malta Community Chest Fund, reflecting the harmonious blend of artistic expression and social impact.

"We are very proud to be sponsoring this event, which shares our ethos of promoting diversity, sustainability, and culture in the Maltese Islands." - Kevin Galea Pace, Managing Director at Antes.

The "Sculptura" exhibition continued to delight art enthusiasts and resonate within the local artistic community until the 18th of June, leaving a lasting impact on all who experienced its captivating displays.

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