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Today, Antes had the pleasure of teaming up with the talented Carlamarie Vella of Creative Cakes to support a noble cause during the month of Pink October. Carla reached out to us and several other organisations, rallying support to raise awareness about breast cancer. Her initiative, aptly named "Pink for a Purpose," was a delightful blend of creativity, passion, and generosity.

By purchasing the delectable cupcakes crafted by Carla, Antes not only indulged in a sweet treat but also contributed to her cause. The funds raised through this initiative will be wholeheartedly donated to Puttinu Cares, a charity dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their families.

Carla's mission was simple yet profound: "Pink for a purpose. Contribution just got sweeter. Help me raise awareness. Order your cupcakes today. All the funds raised will be given to Puttinu Cares." Her message resonated deeply, inspiring us to join hands and make a difference together.

A recent article on Talk.Mt shed light on Carla's personal connection with this cause. Having seen her aunt battle cancer, she emphasised the importance of regular screenings and early detection. Her aunt's journey, marked by resilience and hope, served as a poignant reminder for all women to prioritize their health.

In her own words, Carla shared, "The message I want to convey is for everyone to take a moment and schedule their check-ups, not just this month, but throughout the year. Don't delay, because time might just slip away." Her words echo the urgency of proactive healthcare, urging us all to be vigilant and mindful of our well-being.

At Antes, we are immensely proud to have been part of this heartfelt initiative. Together with Carla and Creative Cakes, we believe that every small effort counts in the fight against breast cancer. Let's continue spreading awareness, offering support, and fostering hope. Together, we can create a world where every woman is empowered to face this challenge with strength and courage.