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Our company recently embarked on an unforgettable team-building adventure that brought together employees for a day of mystery, collaboration, and laughter. Organised by MC Adventure (Malta) in collaboration with our dedicated social committee, the event had everyone donning their detective hats to solve a thrilling murder case in the historic city of Mdina.

Against the backdrop of Mdina's ancient streets and captivating architecture, teams navigated through clues, interrogations, and cryptic puzzles. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as colleagues worked together to unravel the mystery, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.


The Ditch Garden, a picturesque setting within Mdina, was the perfect backdrop for a collective snapshot capturing the essence of our united efforts. Laughter echoed, bonds were strengthened, and memories were etched into the company's history.

This team-building event was more than just solving a murder case; it was about strengthening the fabric of our team. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to MC Adventure and our social committee for orchestrating an experience that transcended the ordinary, leaving us with memories to cherish and a sense of unity that will carry us forward in our professional endeavours.

Here's to more adventures, challenges, and successes as we continue to grow and thrive together!